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EHR Compatibility

ACOG Registry EHR Integration

We support connecting to over 130 different EHRs using either a push or pull method for extracting your clinical data. The level of data integration available varies between EHR vendors. Please contact the Birth Registry team to discuss the specific options available for your infrastructure.

  • Pull Method A small Windows service is installed within your facility network and automatically extracts and transmits your clinical data to the Registry.
  • Push Method Your staff or your EHR vendor extracts your clinical data into a standard format and then securely transmits it to the Registry via SFTP.
A partial list of the EHRs we support Pull Push - Client Submitted Push - Vendor Submitted
Epic Systems Y Y
Cerner Y Y
athenahealth Y
Allscripts Y Y
Greenway Health Y Y
eClinicalWorks Y Y
NextGen Healthcare Y Y
GE Healthcare Y Y
plus - 130 other vendors!
how it works 1 - EHR Compatibility
how it works 1 step - EHR Compatibility

Patient visits Birth Registry hospital facility

how it works 2 - EHR Compatibility
how it works 2 step - EHR Compatibility

Clinician documents clinical data within the EHR as part of regular clinical workflow

how it works 3 - EHR Compatibility
how it works 3 step - EHR Compatibility

Clinical data is extracted via automatic “pull” method OR manual “push” method into The Birth Registry by ACOG

how it works 4 - EHR Compatibility
how it works 4 step - EHR Compatibility

Provider accesses dashboard with site metrics and national benchmarks